Montag, 4. Dezember 2023

Film screenings of "Conversation with Albert Knoll"


Gespräch mit Albert Knoll

by Philipp Gufler

2023, 25 min.
Camera: Leo van Kann
Production: Forum Queeres Archiv München e.V.
Edit: Philipp Gufler
Translation: Nicholas Maniu

For some time now I wanted to shoot a short film about Albert Knoll's tireless self-organized historical work and ask him why he has dedicated a large part of his life to commemorating the crimes against humanity committed during the Nazi dictatorship and what this archival work has done to him. A special focus is on oral history, as I am interested in how, as a conversational partner, one preserves their knowledge and experiences in a certain way after the death of the contemporary witnesses. After Albert Knoll has done so many contemporary witness interviews the last thirty years and was the one who asked the questions, I reversed the situation in the short film and interviewed him.

Film screenings:


Napoli, Italy
11. – 16.12.2023

More Information


Perth Queer Film Festival

Perth, Australia
6. – 14.3.2024


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