Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012



Beginn der Filme immer um 20:30

tuesday, 15. Mai
the elsewhere and the here
with an introduction by Sandra Schäfer

The Third Woman by Mitra Tabrizian, UK, 1991, 20 Min
Hidden Faces by Kim Longinotto, UK, 1996, 52 Min

tuesday, 22. Mai
Reproductive Labour

Bred and Born by Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece, UK, 1983, 1 h 15 Min
Homes for the People by Kay Mander, UK, 1945, 30 Min
Semiotics of the Kitchen by Martha Rosler, USA, 1975, 8 Min
Memory Tracks by Jamika Ajalon, UK USA, 1997, 10 Min

Workshop by Karin Michalski vom 21.-23. Mai

tuesday, 29. Mai
Another AIDS Timeline

I'm You You're Me by Catherine Saalfield, Debra Levine, USA, 1993, 26 Min
Keep Your Laws Off My Body by Catherine Saalfield, Zoe Leonard, USA, 1990, 13 Min
Kore by Tran T Kim Trang, USA, 1994, USA, 17 Min

tuesday, 5. Juni
Mirror Shopping

Casual Shopper by Judith Barry, USA, 1981, 28 Min
Killing Us Softly – Advertising's Image of Women von Jean Kilbourne, USA, 1979, 30 Min
Space Invaders by Judith Barry, USA, 1982, 8 Min

Filme aus dem Archiv von Cinenova:

Akademiestraße 2