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This artist book is being published in occasion of Philipp Gufler’s exhibition “I wanna give you devotion” in Munich in Sept 2017. The exhibition combines historical posters and flyers with works by 29 artists and collectives, which Gufler specifically invited in order to question, actualize and expand on the poster collection of the archive forum homosexualität münchen e.V.. A selection of this historical and current material is collected within the artist book and is extended through text contribution by Kerstin Stakemeier/Philipp Gufler and members of the forum. It’s been published by the Hammann Von Mier Verlag in the forum-series „Splitter“, which discusses historical and sociocultural issues and presents historical figures.

With new posters by: Muriel Aichberger, Tabea Blumenschein, Virág Bogyó, Johannes Büttner, Cinenova Working Group, Fernando Corona, Stephan Dillemuth, Holger Dreissig, Johannes Fedisch, Philipp Gufler, Hammann von Mier, Leo Heinik, Vera Hofmann, Richard John Jones, Isaac Julien, Byron Kalomamas, Chris Kraus, Kriwet, Lothringer13_Florida, Sands Murray-Wassink, Gyula Muskovics, Anna McCarthy, Mirja Reuter, Paola Revenioti, Barbara Spiller, Angela Stiegler, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Maria VMier, Raphaela Vogel and XPatch Collective.

Editors: Stefanie Hammann, Maria von Mier, Philipp Gufler
Texts: Kerstin Stakemeier, Laura Lang, Philipp Gufler, Jan Erdmann, Polina Hilsenbeck, Albert Knoll, Agnes Lang, Nicholas Maniu, Ariane Rüdiger, Christine Schäfer, Linda Strehl
Language: German/English
Special: folded Index of the exhibition layout, riso print, 42x29,7cm
Design: Stefanie Hammann, Maria von Mier

1st Edition: 600
112 pages, 4/4 color offset print, softcover, 17 x 24 cm
16,00 € + shipping
delivery time: about 5 workdays

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Indirekte Berührung / Indirect Contact

30,4 x 19,5 cm

40 pages, silkscreen print on foil, spiral bound
100 copies in English, 100 copies in German, numbered

Publisher: BQ
Editor: Adrian Djukic
Print: Philipp Gufler and Grafisch Atelier Hilversum
Binding machines: GBC
Foils and binding supplies: GBC

Order here: 
info (at), BQ Berlin

Available at:
Buchhandlung Walther König im Haus der Kunst, Prinzenstraße 1, Munich
BQ, Weydingerstraße 10, Berlin
Galerie Françoise Heitsch, Amalienstraße 15, Munich
San Serriffe, Sint Annenstraat 30, Amsterdam, NL
San Serriffe II, Rozenstraat 56, Amsterdam, NL
Boekie Woekie, Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam, NL

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7. September - 4. Oktober 2017

Vernissage, 6. September 19 Uhr 
Begrüßung Albert Knoll, Vorstand forum homosexualität münchen e.V.

Kurzfilm-Screening, 20. September 19 Uhr

Finissage und Filmscreening, 4. Oktober 19 Uhr 
Mit „Kaliarda“ (2014, 57 Min.) von Paola Revenioti und einer einführenden Lesung von
Gufler aus seinem neuen Künstlerbuch „Indirekte Berührung“.
Im Anschluss legt DJ Problemi auf.

Im Zentrum von Philipp Guflers Ausstellung „I wanna give you devotion“ steht die Poster- und Videosammlung des nselbstorganisierten Archivs forum homosexualität münchen e.V., in dem der Künstler seit 2013 Mitglied ist.

Zur Ausstellung hat Gufler 29 Künstler*innen und Kollektive eingeladen, die Postersammlung zu befragen, zu erweitern und zu aktualisieren. Diese Weiterschreibungen werden zusammen mit historischen Postern der Sammlung gezeigt, wodurch ein dichtes Geflecht aus aktuellem und historischem Material entsteht. Die Videoarbeit „Schemata #01 (I wanted to give you devotion)“ von Philipp Gufler, Byron Kalomamas und Angela Stiegler spinnt die Verknüpfungen weiter: Archivmaterial trifft auf Youtube-Clips, (Künstler-) Filme von Chantal Akerman, Jean Genet und Pedro Almodóvar auf Popkultur, Gusti vom Ochstengarten auf Britney Spears und Spots der Deutschen AIDS-Hilfe auf Songtexte. Es entsteht ein Archiv der Gefühle, persönlicher Erfahrungen, politischer Kämpfe und des Begehrens, das die Geschichte in die Gegenwart zieht: aktuelle Diskriminierungen und Ausgrenzungen zeigen sich genauso wie das ungestillte Begehren für nicht-normative Lebensformen.

Zur Ausstellung erscheint das gleichnamige Künstlerbuch als „Splitter 14“ mit Texten von Kerstin Stakemeier und Mitgliedern des Forums in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Hammann Von Mier Verlag.


On Wednesday, September 6 2017 „I WANNA GIVE YOU DEVOTION“ opens. Philipp Gufler realized the exhibition in cooperation with the self-organized archive forum homosexualität münchen e.V.. 

Key element is the poster and video collection of the forum, from which an archive of feelings, personal experiences, political battles and desire emerges. The exhibition combines historical posters and flyers with works by 29 artists and collectives, which Gufler specifically invited in order to question, actualize and expand on the poster collection. Historical and current material interweaves to a dense mesh. The video work “Schemata #01 (I wanted to give you devotion)" by Philipp Gufler, Byron Kalomamas and Angela Stiegler, which is shown in the interior of the installation, amplifies the poster mesh on the exterior by text and audio fragments. Archive material from the forum homosexualität münchen e.V. meets found footage from the Internet, (artist) films by Chantal Akerman, Jean Genet and Pedro Almodóvar meet German AIDS - Help clips, Gusti Ochsengarten meets Britney Spears, witness accounts meet song lyrics. „I WANNA GIVE YOU DEVOTION“ describes the desire for a past and a future that "is - not - yet - here", for non-normative ways of living whose beginnings can be found in the forum's archive, as well as a desire for a story which goes against the ruling majority.

An artist book will be published on the occasion of the exhibition,  including texts by Kerstin Stakemeier and members of the forum.  It will be published by the  Hammann Von Mier Verlag in the forum-series „Splitter“, which discusseshistorical and socio-cultural issues and presents historical figures

Mit neuen Postern von Muriel Aichberger, Tabea Blumenschein, Virág Bogyó, Johannes Büttner, Cinenova Working Group, Fernando Corona, Stephan Dillemuth, Holger Dreissig, Johannes Fedisch, Philipp Gufler, Richard John Jones, Hammann von Mier, Sands Murray-Wassink, Gyula Muskovics, Leo Heinik, Vera Hofmann, Isaac Julien, Byron Kalomamas, Chris Kraus, Kriwet, Lothringer13_Florida, Anna McCarthy, Mirja Reuter, Paola Revenioti, Barbara Spiller, Angela Stiegler, Raphaela Vogel, Maria VMier, Evelyn Taocheng Wang und dem XPatch Collective.

Fotos: Jan Erbelding, forum homosexualität münchen e.V.

Bei Cosy

Bei Cosy

16th June – 8th July 2017
Open every Friday and Saturday from 5-11pm

Bei Cosy is a somewhere between an exhibition, a bar and a costume party, taking place over 4 weeks in the belly of RONGWRONG. The project will feature a roster of invited artists hosting events every Friday and Saturday night and a series of newly commissioned works entitled Fingerbekenntnisse. Taking its name from a celebrated bar in Munich run by the artist Cosy Pièro from 1962-82, the project will pay homage to her work, the significance of her bar and its active position in the sexual politics of the time.
Although many of the patrons of Bei Cosy are today celebrated figures or have faded into obscurity – together they represent an essential yet fragile history, a complex interwoven web of art, sex, inclusion/exclusion, gender identity and sociability. It is these moments that become ‘lost’ or forgotten within mainstream historical accounts. This new Bei Cosy is intended to critically address the role social spaces play in our social, sexual, artistic and political lives – creating a new context for particular histories and archival material to emerge amongst new works and an intergenerational community of artists.

The concept of Bei Cosy is by Philipp Gufler and Richard John Jones in collaboration with Cosy Pièro, Sands Murray-Wassink and Laurie Cluitmans.


Invited Artists:
AA Bronson, Johannes Büttner,
 Johanna Gonschorek, Philipp Gufler, Caspar Jade Heinemann, Fabian Hesse, Richard John Jones,
 Evelyn Taocheng Wang and Sands Murray-Wassink.

This series of newly commissioned works depart from an infamous series of drawings that Pièro made for her bar that were seized under obscenity laws in Munich in 1963 and were most likely destroyed. The drawings depicted cats with women's heads and huge breasts engaged in a variety of acts with one another. Through the commissions, the invited artists have been asked to respond to these lost works of Pièro as a gesture of solidarity whilst also reinventing and reimaging these works from their own perspectives.

These Fingerbekenntnisse are shown together with a new work by Pièro in the bar designed specially for Rongwrong by Johannes Büttner, Gufler and Jones.


Saturday 17th June
VERA HOFMANN: We keep losing our spaces but we still hold [on to] each other

Friday 23rd June
LAURIE CLUITMANS: With the taste of a poison paradise

Saturday 24th June
from 17:00
JULIKA RUDELIUS: The legendary spaces of encounter... then
PHILIPP GUFLER: Indirect Contact (Chapter 1 - 6)

Friday 30th June
from 17:00
JULIKA RUDELIUS: The legendary spaces of encounter... then
from 21:00

Saturday 1st July
JL DIANTHUS: I wanna be fanus

Friday 7th July

Saturday 8th July
SANDS MURRAY-WASSINK: Non – Transcendent horse performance

Please check for more informations:

Made possible with the generous support of the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and in cooperation with De Ateliers, Amsterdam.



Philipp Gufler, MENU BEI COSY 1963 (2017) 

Caspar Jade Heinemann, POEM (2017) 

Bei Cosy, installation photo. From left to right: Johanna Gonschorek, STICKING BY LOOSING IT (2017); Fabian Hesse, BEI COSY HAIKU CAT (2017) 

Bei Cosy, installation photo. From left to right: Fabian Hesse, BEI COSY HAIKU CAT (2017), Philipp Gufler, PROJECTION ON THE CRISIS (GAUWEILEREIEN IN MUNICH) (2014), Caspar Jade Heinemann, POEM (2017) 




Johannes Büttner, BANDIT (2017) 

Sands Murray-Wassink, BEFORE ROBIN, AFTER HANNAH WILKE (IDENTITY SHOT) (1995 / 2017) 

Binnen Bantammerstraat 2
1011CK Amsterdam

Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017


 Offspring 2017: DEEP STATE

Concluding the two-year participation of ten emerging artists, De Ateliers proudly presents the twelfth edition of Offspring, curated by Lara Almarcegui and Martijn Hendriks:


Johannes Büttner
Giulia Cenci
June Crespo
Inga Danysz
Mary Furniss
Kevin Gallagher
Hadrien Gerenton
Michael Guidetti
Philipp Gufler
Thomas Hämén

You are cordially invited to the festive opening of Offspring 2017: DEEP STATE on Tuesday May 16, 6-8 pm with a reading from my artist book "Indirect Contact" with Fantasma at 9 pm.
Exhibition: May 17-28, open daily 12-6 pm

De Ateliers
Stadhouderskade 86
1073 AT Amsterdam

Photos: Gert Jan van Rooij, Amsterdam

Samstag, 1. April 2017

Dialogos Athens 2017

The Greek counter example

Curated by Professor Thanasis Moutsopoulo
with Nikos Alexiou, Philipp Gufler, Aliki Palaska, Antje Zeiher and others.

April 6 - April 12 2017
Diplarios School, Athens (Ground Floor), Theatrou
School, Athens, tel: 210.324.0130.

Photo: Antje Zeiher: o.T., 2016, Acryl on canvas, 1,65 x 1,20 m; right: Philipp Gufler: Bergkristall fein_Orasol Gelb 4GN_Orasol Pink 478, 2016, silkscreen on mirror, 1,80 x 0,75 m, both: Courtesy Galerie Françoise Heitsch

Montag, 27. Februar 2017


Philipp Gufler "Romankreisen"

Opening: Friday 24.3.2017
20 H: Reading by Fantasma and Philipp Gufler from his book “Indirekte Berührung”
Exhibition: 25.3. - 15.4.2017

"The whole novel touches its own page bottom and turns to the next page" Hubert Fichte on his literary project "Die Geschichte der Empfindlichkeit"  

The title of Philipp Gufler’s first show at BQ borrows a term from the German novelist and ethnographer Hubert Fichte (1935 – 1986). Fichte associated this literal translation from Greek with the concept of a circular novel, which in its course returns to the point of departure. In his show, Gufler adapts Fichte’s thought as the conceptual idea of an abstract, orbital movement to reflect on exemplary themes, methods and forms that feature in his body of work. The artist book Indirekte Berührung / Indirect Contact forms the central piece of the exhibition and relates its elements in the form of a logbook. The installation includes mirrors that have been transformed with transparent colour pigments as well as layered fabrics with varying prints. These quilts are hung in the space and also constitute a separate space within the gallery. The last element is an acrylic glass showcase onto which the documentation of a previous performance is projected.

Making use of screen-printing on blue and pink plastic film with spiral binding (a technique which features prominently in his works), Gufler’s prose also takes a shape in which enables its haptic qualities to be experienced. Within these pieces, the reader encounters different characters, some of whom have inspired and influenced Gufler’s artistic production for a long time. They all position themselves on a fictional time scale, stretching from 1597 – the year in which the early baroque painter Caravaggio supposedly started work on his Narcissus – up to 2075 – the future year in which the performance een gebeueren, enacted in 1975 by the Dutch artist Ben d’Armagnac (1940 – 1978), will see its 100th anniversary. Besides locating these two artistic positions that are of personal relevance for Gufler, the years also serve as markers for a wide spectrum of reference points in his works that are often based on artistic research. All major characters – researchers, writers and artists alike – share a fundamentally critical attitude towards the norms of their time, putting into question cultural, political and sexual identity.

Indirect Touch allows historic figures and contemporaries of Gufler to meet outside the boundaries of chronological order. Gufler gives them an indirect voice in the form of appropriated fragments (which cannot be identified as citations in all cases). However, he does not merely cite or reproduce these characters but rather condenses the attitudes associated with or expressed by them. In the process of indirect writing, Gufler repeatedly seems to merge with his characters. The persona that links all 21 chapters is Jäcki, based on the gay flaneur and writer-protagonist from Hubert Fichte’s novel Palette (1968). Like Fichte, Gufler makes use of the character Jäcki as screen as well as ambivalent Doppelgänger (who never fully becomes the alter ego). The character Jäcki becomes a medium for repeated autobiographical passages that may be subtly woven into the text but may also dominate whole chapters.

Gufler’s literary and artistic self-assessments are indirect yet at the same time true to the principle ‘Put your self in quotation marks – call yourself a novel ’. The Fichte quote from Versuch über die Pubertät (1974), parts of which Gufler previously used in an exhibition title, illustrates a decidedly self-critical distance towards an up-close autobiographical approach. That same principle also governs Gufler’s installations and performances. His approaches to a choice of characters from a long tradition of emancipatory history are marked by the artistic pursuit of deeper involvement in regards to emotions and content. Gufler temporarily merges with his subjects of study and, in doing so, self-referentially reveals a fundamental difference between those subjects and himself.
Philipp Fürnkäs

Weydingerstraße 10
10178 Berlin

Philipp Gufler, Romankreisen, 2017
Silkscreen on fabric, 4-parts
208,5 x 216 x 216 cm

Een gebeuren, 2016
Video: 28:33 min., acrylic glass box, fly maggots, books, scraper, blades, key, lamp, projector, speakers, media player
Acrylic glass box: 99,7 x 204,8 x 89 cm, projektion variable

Reading by Fantasma and Philipp Gufler from his book Indirekte Berührung
during the opening

Philipp Gufler, Indirekte Berührung, 2017
Silkscreen on foil, spiral bound, 30,4 x 19,5 cm
Edition 100 (German), Edition 100 (English

Photo: Roman März, Berlin
Courtesy BQ, Berlin

Montag, 23. Januar 2017

Berlin Rebel City 03: Belong anywhere

(*for english version see below)

Am 28.01. eröffnen wir die Ausstellung Belong Anywhere an zwei Orten in Berlin. Der zentrale Ausstellungsort ist eine AirBnB Wohnung, im Anschluss an die Eröffnung gibt es im ACUD MACHT NEU den zweiten Teil der Ausstellung, Musik und Drinks.

Von der Wohnung zum ACUD MACHT NEU wird es einen Transfer mit Uber-Cars geben, die gleichzeitig der Ort für eine eigens dafür entstandene Arbeit sind. Bitte meldet euch für den Shuttle per Mail an. Die Location für den Ausstellungsteil in der Wohnung wird ebenfalls via Mailinglist bekannt gegeben, RVSP an:

Die Ausstellung geht von AirBnBs Tagline “Belong anywhere” aus, dem Versprechen, überall auf der Welt zu Hause sein zu können. Berlin, Beirut, Beijing: AirBnB-Kunden bereisen diese Städte nicht mehr als Touristen, sondern erwerben das Erlebnis des temporären Dazugehörens zu einem Ort. Dabei stellt sich das anywhere zunehmend als imaginärer, translokaler und global homogenisierter Raum dar.

Die Arbeiten der Ausstellung gehen der Frage nach dem Zusammenhang zwischen den ästhetischen Strategien des AirSpaces und den wohnungswirtschaftlichen Verdrängungseffekten der Sharing Economy nach. Aus unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Perspektiven sollen die Verflechtungen der Corporate Aesthetic der DIY Bourgeoisie mit der semantischen Sphäre des englischen Verbs to belong aufgezeigt werden, welche auch auf die Gewalt von Privateigentum und Klassifikation verweist: Dies gehört mir und nicht dir. Der gehört dorthin und nicht hierher. Die Ausstellung nähert sich den kodierten Attributen und den Funktionsweisen des sozialen, imaginären Raums an. Welcome Home.

Eröffnung am 28.01. in der AirBnB Wohnung 18–21 Uhr, im ACUD Studio ab 20H. Im Anschluss legen im ACUD Marlene Stark und Elliver auf.

Die Ausstellung ist am 29.01. von 12-18.00 Uhr in der AirBnB Wohnung geöffnet. Die Adresse der Wohnung schicken wir euch. Bitte Email an:

On January 28th, we will open the exhibition Belong Anywhere at two locations in Berlin. Following up the opening in the central exhibition space – an AirBnB apartment – the second part of the show will take place at ACUD MACHT NEU along with some drinks and music.

There will be a transfer via Uber-cars from the apartment to ACUD MACHT NEU, that functions at the same time, as space of display for an exhibition piece that has been conceived for especially this setting. The Location of the apartment and the first part of the show, will be announced the day of the opening – for this purpose please RSVP to

The exhibition uses AirBnB’s popular tagline “Belong anywhere” as a starting point, the promise of being at home anywhere in the world, Berlin, Beirut, Beijing: AirBnB users travel to those cities not as mere tourists, they purchase and enact the experience of temporary affiliation to that place. In this notion Anywhere appears as an imaginary space, translocal and globally homogenized.

The works in the exhibition evolve around the trajectories and correlations between the aesthetical strategies of the AirSpace and the effects of displacement triggered by housing policies. Different artistic positions investigate the entanglements of the DIY Bourgoisie with the semantic sphere of private property and classification: This belongs to me and not to you. This one belongs there and not here. The exhibition approaches the coded attributes and operating modes oft he social, imaginary space. Welcome Home.

Opening on January 28th at the AirBnB apartment 6-9pm, at ACUD Studio from 8pm on. Followed by DJ Sets by Marlene Stark and Elliver.

The exhibition is open on January 29th from 12-6 pm at the AirBnB apartment. The exact adress will be send to you at the day oft he opening, please write to:


Mit Arbeiten von/ With works by::
Alexander Nowak
Ana Tabatadze
Anna Möller
Ari Sariannidis
Benedikte Bjerre
Brad Downey
Daniel Neubacher
Daniela Kneip Velescu
Felix Kultau
Florian Hesselbarth
General Idea
Jens Franke
Jessica Mester
Johannes Büttner
Jörg Brinkmann
Joscha Schell
Katharina Marszewski
Lars Karl Becker
Lennart Schweder
Life Sport
Lilly Lulay
Marina Pinsky
Marlene Stark
Marlene Rinne
Neïl Beloufa
Nina Hollensteiner
Paul Barsch/Tilman Hornig
Philipp Gufler
Raphaela Vogel
Schroeter und Berger
Sebastian Mayer
Stephan Janitzky
Sung Tieu
Thomas Hämén
Zoë Claire Miller feat. Ina Wudtke

Kuratiert von: Hate Magazin in Zusammenarbeit mit Anna Gien und Nina Hollensteiner

Photo: Martin Petersen