Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2022

re:working archives

02. FEBRUAR – 18. FEBRUAR 2022

Die Ausstellung re:working archives zeigt im Kontrast zum verstaubten Bild des statischen Archives junge Künstler*innen, die mit Archiven arbeiten, sie umarbeiten, nachbearbeiten und überarbeiten. Dabei legen sie eigene Archive an, verändern bereits existierende oder arbeiten mit dem, was zurückbleibt. In der Halle der PLATFORM wird eine künstlerische Bandbreite an epistemischer Diversität und alternativer Sammlungen aufgezeigt, die Vergangenes und Zukünftiges in Bewegung setzen. Zudem sind repräsentative Leihgaben eigenständiger (nichtstaatlicher) Archive, die ihre Archivalien in einen Austausch mit den Kunstwerken und Besucher*innen bringen, Teil der Ausstellung. Die Ausstellung eint künstlerische und gesellschaftliche Positionen, die in Archiven forschen, selbst als Archiv fungieren, verlorenes Wissen sammeln und Vergangenheit aus dem Jetzt konfrontieren. Zu sehen sind Arbeiten, die Geschichte und deren Archivierung als unabgeschlossenes Konstrukt betrachten.

Kuratiert von Julia Wittmann

Teilnehmende Archive:
AAP Archive Artist Publications, Forum Queeres Archiv München e.V.

Teilnehmende Künstler*innen:
Dominik Bais, Cana Bilir-Meier, Jonah Gebka, Philipp Gufler, Hyesun Jung

Kistlerhofstraße 70,  Haus 60,  3. Stock, München

Eröffnung 02.02.2022, 18 Uhr
Live Performance, 19 Uhr

Montag, 18. Oktober 2021

That Those Beings Be Not Being

22 October – 28 November 2021

22 Oktober | 19 - 24h
Performances by Sarah Naqvi and EMIRHAKIN

Guy Briller, Salim Bayri, EMIRHAKIN, Karam Natour, PHILTH HAUS, Chris Kore, Sarah Naqvi, Veronika Babayan, Müge Yılmaz, Ludmila Rodrigues, Marly Pierre-Louis, Tracian Meikle, and Tobi Balogun, Philipp Gufler, Hilda Moucharrafieh and Dina Mohamed, Fabulous Future, Foundland Collective, Hwang Kim

Our contemporary moment is saturated with the politics of polarisation and dichotomist thinking—with us- or -against us-, liberal or conservative, right or wrong, all-or-nothing. ​Binary thinking often happens when complex ideas and issues are overly simplified into twofold answers. When instead of embracing multiplicity, we are bound into thinking about, and within, fixed categories that don’t evolve over time or adapt themselves to our constantly changing liquid environments.

Warmoesstraat 139
1012JB Amsterdam, Nederland
Mon – Sun 12:00 – 18:00

Photos: W139 / Jeroen de Smalen

Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2021

Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead. Techniques of Becoming

October 16, 2021 – January 23, 2022

Daniel G. Andújar, Banu Cennetoglu, Kate Crawford / Vladan Joler, Thirza Cuthand, Anna Dasovic, Laressa Dickey, Eva Egermann, Magdalena Freudenschuss, Robert Gabris, Ali Gharavi, Niklas Goldbach, Philipp Gufler, Jan Peter Hammer, Minna Henriksson, Che-Yu Hsu, Nina Støttrup Larsen, Yunyop Lee, Alice Lex-Nerlinger, Suntag Noh, Jo Spence, P. Staff, peter steudtner, Sunaura Taylor, Romily Alice Walden, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Workers' Families Seeking Justice (WFSJ) and its Support Group

Hans D. Christ, Iris Dressler, Viktor Neumann

Techniques of Becoming is the third and last part of the exhibition series Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead, which was conceived in turn as a continuation of the Bergen Assembly 2019, a triennial for contemporary art in Norway.

Following the revolt of the bodies and the political dimensions of the festival, the third part revolves on the effects and dynamics of infrastructures. The exhibition explores the institutions, networks, architectures, and logistics both of materialized and immaterial nature, with regard to their entangled relations with the prevailing neoliberal and neocolonial power structures.

In addition to the museum, the school, the clinic, or the prison— those classical institutions of biopower that philosopher Michel Foucault investigated extensively and consequently has influenced generations if thinkers and artists—the exhibition focuses on infrastructures that enable the global circulation and administration of commodities, currencies, affects, and discourses: social media, computer games, and other systems of so-called smart technologies. It probes how these institutions and systems are entangled with structural forms of sexism, racism, pathologization, violence against non-normative and more-than-human bodies, and capitalist extractivsm of recources and living beings.

The show further reflects on the historical contexts of classifying, normalizing, and excluding forms of governing, looking into their histories from the emergence of modern nation-states to the establishment of globally and digitally active economies. The invited artists counter these structures and their mechanisms of exclusion, pathologization, and oppression with aesthetic and activist practices of appropriation, empowerment, and transformation. The philosopher Gilles Deleuze described the act of becoming as a polymorphic and constant process of change and of the affirmation of difference. In this sense, the artists negotiate becoming as site of possibilities and as a technique for exercising autonomy over one’s own body, for the development of structures of mutual support and for the formation of counter-publics.

Saturday, October 30, 2021, 6 p.m.

Philipp Gufler, Quilts*

Lecture and film screenings on various queer and other protagonists from Philipp Gufler's Quilt series

Schlossplatz 2
D-70173 Stuttgart

Montag, 4. Oktober 2021

Lana Kaiser film screenings


Lana Kaiser

In 2002, Lana Kaiser became well known in the first season of the German version of the Idol television franchise. She was born in 1985 and went by her birth name Daniel Küblböck. At only 17 years old she polarised the audience with her androgynous appearance and open bisexuality. On September 9th 2018, Lana disappeared from a cruise ship on her way to North America. Most media outlets and the majority of the public didn‘t consider calling her by her chosen name, Lana Kaiser. Philipp Gufler's video installation is a personal portrait of the singer and entertainer. 

Hammann Von Mier Verlag published a corresponding zine with contributions by Philipp Gufler, Fanny Hauser, Eli Hill, Jack Hogan, Viktor Neumann and Rory Pilgrim. Before the video installation will celebrate its premiere in June 2021 at the group exhibition "Sweat" at Haus der Kunst in Munich, the work will be screened at film festivals. 

30. Fusion Film Festival, Oslo

World premiere

Monday, 28. September 2020, 16:30

More information


New Renaissance Film Festival, Amsterdam

25 – 28 March 2021


37. Wicked Queer 

Boston's LGBTIQ+ Filmfestival, USA
8 – 18 April 2021


67. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Germany

1 – 10 May 2021


5. Out & Loud

Pune International Queer Film Festival 2021, India. 

14 – 16 May 2021

More Information


Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival in 2021

15 – 17 June 2021


26. Chéries Chéris

Festival du LGBTIQ film, Paris, France


Tuesday, 29. June 2021

Tuesday, 6. July 2021

More information



Austin, Texas
26 August – 6 September 2021

More Information


Zukunft des Kinos 

Podiumsdiskussion und Filmscrening

Oldenburg, Germany
31 August 2021, 19 Uhr


Last Frame Queer Fest

Barbican, London
18 – 19 September 2021 


Everybody’s Perfect

Geneva international queer film festival
8 – 17 October 2021


Queer Days – Giornate di Cinema e Cultura Queer 2021

Roma, Italy
9 October 2021


The Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival

Las Vegas, USA
15 – 18 October 2021


32. Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany
19 – 24 October 2021


Techniken des Werdens

Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
30 October 2021, 6 pm


32. Augenblick 

Elsass, France (different locations) 
9 – 26 November 2021


International Queer Film Festival Playa Del Carmen, 2021

11 – 18 November 2021


Exground Filmfest 34

Wiesbaden, Germany
12 – 21 November 2021


KFFK/Kurzfilmfestival Köln N°15

16 – 21 November 2021


TDOR 2021 - Trans* Day Of Remembrance Berlin

20. November 2021, 8 pm

AHA BERLIN e.V. im Rahmen des TDoR

More Information


blicke filmfestival des ruhrgebiets

17 – 21 November 2021


4. Berlin Lesbian Non-Binary Filmfest

03/ 04. December 2021
21. December 2021

SPUTNIK-KINO, Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin

Donnerstag, 2. September 2021

Sweat at Haus der Kunst



The show is dedicated to the phenomenon of bodies that act together and shape their present. Breaking a sweat in the face of violent attempts to control the human body represents an artistic strategy of resistance. 

Philipp Gufler: Lana Kaiser (2020) and I Wanna Give You Devotion (2017 –)

with posters from the Forum Queeres Archiv München and new posters by Gürsoy Doğtaş, Johanna Gonschorek, Eli Hill, Jack Hogan, Natalia LL, Stephan Janitzky,Cosy Piéro, Rory Pilgrim, Karol Radziszweski, Santiago Reyes, Jacolby Satterwhite, Joao Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre and Julian Warner. 

More information

Haus der Kunst
Prinzregentenstraße 1
80538 Munich 

Sweat, Installation view, Haus der Kunst, 2021. Photo: Max Geuter.

Mittwoch, 1. September 2021

BfF #1

Biennale für Freiburg

10. September – 3. Oktober 2021

10.09.2021 / BfF #1
Alle Ausstellungsorte sind am Eröffnungstag von 12 bis 22 Uhr geöffnet.
Reden und Drinks ab 18 Uhr am BfF Besuchszentrum, Münsterplatz 6.

Michel Auder mit Michael Stickrod in Kollaboration mit Julius Martin-Humpert, Maristella Witt, Ilja Zaharov und Franziska Rist; Patrizia Bach; Patricia Esquivias; Rahima Gambo und Kollaborierende; Thomas Geiger in Kollaboration mit Birgit Heidtke, Sévérine Kpoti, Oliver Matthes und Dietrich Roeschmann; Niklas Goldbach; Philipp Gufler; Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller; Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński; Vika Kirchenbauer; Sarah Lehnerer mit Jackie Grassmann und Inka Meißner und Gastvorträgen von Keren Cytter und Johanna Hedva; Luiza Margan; Kriz Olbricht; Liesl Raff; Andreas von Ow; Young Boy Dancing Group; und weitere...

Weitere Informationen

Installationsansicht Biennale für Freiburg #1, Kunstverein Freiburg, 2021, Foto: Marc Doradzillo        

Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers?

10 Sep – 19 Dec 2021 
Opening: 9 Sept, 8 pm

Mehraneh Atashi
Rossella Biscotti
Milena Bonilla
Anne Geene
Philipp Gufler
Camille Henrot
Patricia Kaersenhout
Otobong Nkanga
Ruchama Noorda
Maria Pask
Lily van der Stokker

The artists in this exhibition answer the question of the exhibition title with a resounding “YES!”. They show that the flower as a symbol can seduce, comfort, heal, adorn and distract, and find common ground in feminist affinities, queer desires and ecological solidarity. But flowers can also represent a form of oppression and censorship, a secret language, a wink and a punch all in one.

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA Den Haag
The Netherlands

Fotos: Charlotte Markus